Who we are


Our 1000 staff are renowned for their expertise. Every day we help engineers overcome major technological challenges by designing, developing and producing solutions with the potential to set global standards.

From mind to motion, from idea to movement, our aim is to create innovative, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly mechatronic systems.

We are an independent family business with strong values and a deep respect for people. Since 1936, these qualities have formed the foundation of our success.

A world leader, a family business

We are a Swiss technology company and a leader in flow control  and mechatronic drive solutions designed to operate in harsh environments.

Inventing the future of mechatronics

Everyone on our team is committed to solving challenges in electromagnetism, mechatronics and electric motors. From applied research to product development, you will see and experience our ingenuity.

Our partners


Innovation in electromagnetism

MMT designs and develops electromagnetic position sensors, motors, and electric actuators. Engineering and licensing are part of our services.




Innovation in power-mechatronics

CPM designs and develops high performance mechatronics. We offer engineering services and licensing of state-of-the-art solutions.


Our incubator

centre d'innovation

Open innovation center

i3 is an open innovation center collaborating with the l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and research centers with a global standing.


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Outil industriel performant

Our industrial facility, your performance

Our highly automated production facilities allow us to produce thousands of top quality parts at an optimal customer value. We manufacture your components largely in-house and guarantee their quality. 



automatic control

100% automatic control
SMD assembly of electronics components

SMD assembly of electronics components


Industrial Excellence

Customer Quality

Customer Innovation

A shared ambition of quality

Providing high-quality, reliable solutions with zero defects has solidified our reputation. We work hard every day to maintain top results in order to ensure the reputation of your brand. For our commitment and dedication, we have received many industry awards.  


Sonceboz offices

A responsible business

We believe in the duty to run a responsible business, one that supports our corporate values. We believe in respecting human rights, proper labor practices, the environment, and fair methods of operation – for our employees as well as our business partners. We aspire to have a significant, positive impact on our ecosystem and the communities in which we operate.

A sustainable business

At Sonceboz, we seek to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, by ensuring that our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In our operations, we strive to reduce the use of water and energy, to recycle materials, to phase out hazardous materials and to design eco-efficient products.

A safe business

Safety is one of Sonceboz’s most important commitments. Through our management system, we realize our objective that all our employees maintain excellent health, safety and security behavior; which is integrated into their day-to-day duties, with a target of zero incidents. To that end, a variety of programs and activities have been implemented.


EHS Policy

CSR Policy

A resilient business

Sonceboz’s approach focuses on state-of-the-art processes, procedures, and training in order to safeguard our people, protect our assets, and guarantee the fulfillment of our customers’ needs. The Sonceboz continuity plan enables our customers to benefit from a resilient and sustainable supply chain...for life.

Sonceboz dans le monde

Close to you

Based in Switzerland, the cradle of high-quality micro-technology, Sonceboz and its partners provide worldwide coverage and can help you grow internationally.