State-of-the-art mechatronics

State-of-the-art mechatronics for safe, clean and efficient mobile machinery

We are experts in designing, developing and industrialising solutions for mobile machinery used in the agricultural and construction industries.

Helping you meet the challenges of tomorrow

Cleaner, safer, connected and more productive... that's where the mobile and heavy-duty machinery industry will be heading in the decades to come. With the reduction in arable land, a growing population, major urbanisation and ever stricter emission control standards, manufacturers are being forced to seek out increasingly innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions.

Whether improving modularity, increasing energy efficiency or reducing pollutant emissions, success relies on the electrification of numerous functions, both hydraulic and in the powertrain and transmission.

Agriculture & off-highway

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Electro Hydraulics

Electro Hydraulics

Emission control

Emission control

What we do for our customers

We have electrified several applications by offering solutions that exhibit: a peak power up to 6 kW, a CAN communication bus, On-board diagnostics (OBD), and a resistance to extreme temperature comprised between -40°C to 150°C. All our solutions are adaptable to your application in terms of housings or connectors.

Sonceboz for agriculture vehicles

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Choosing to work with Sonceboz is choosing to collaborate with creative, passionate engineers continuously innovating to create tailor-made solutions. They are defined by the Swiss quality label, by the highest achievable level of integration and by a mindset towards design for manufacturing.

With mechatronic solutions offering unrivalled reliability, Sonceboz is able to reduce the complexity of a system and its cost  while increasing its stability and resilience.

What we offer

We are in 2025

Innovation is part of the Sonceboz DNA. Our customers are leaders looking to create disruptions in their markets and we strive to give them the head start that will help them stand apart. Because we are able to anticipate market trends, you will have superior technological value in terms of design, performance and competitiveness.

One solution for each application

Our mechatronic systems are specifically designed and developed for each application. This is made possible by our in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we work, their specific features, and their challenges. Tried, tested, advanced: our solutions offer reliability, guaranteed. This means no surprises for you  and time to market reduced to a minimum.

One team for each solution

Thanks to our structure organized into business units, each dedicated to specific applications, you benefit from personal support throughout the development process for your solution. Present at every stage in the project, we guide you through the validation, production and industrialization processes. This allows us to guarantee you the best possible quality.

Performance de l'outil industriel

Our industrial tool, your performance

Day after day, we strive for industrial excellence in our plants and in our projects.

Our offering is centered on a high level of automation. To achieve this, we combine proven capabilities in industrialization with testing and automated assembly. Metal and plastic parts, coils, assembly of electronic components: we have all these skills and expertise in-house to ensure the best possible integration with your solution, in both physical and operational terms.


In the Agriculture/Off-Highway sector.

Industriellal performance
Industrial Flexibility

Industrial flexibility

Our production equipment is adaptable to your volume requirements, and your standard of excellence.

Mechatronic solutions and drive systems

Our solutions are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with linear or rotary movement. They all use contactless electromagnetic technology to guarantee long term reliability.

Are you facing a technological challenge? We can offer you a mechatronic solution with adapted interfaces: motors, sensors, motion transformation, software and control electronics. These state-of-the-art technologies combine excellence in both research and development. 

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Sonceboz, leader in mechatronic solutions

Sonceboz is a Swiss technology company and a leader in flow control and mechatronic drive solutions designed to operate in harsh environments.